Pride in Breamore

As reported at the Annual Parish Assembly, BPC and The Hulse Hall Committee have been discussing a possible campaign to promote pride in our village. This is with the aim of improving driving styles, and to encourage respect of the speed limit, through a series of active and passive measures to moderate behaviour, to the greater benefit of safety and the environment of the Salisbury Road through Breamore (by seeking to reduce the physical and audible intrusion that the A338 makes into our daily lives).

Below are a number of possibilities that could be pursued in the village, the BPC & The Hulse Hall committee would very much like the villagers of Breamore to provide feedback on these proposals and perhaps suggest other options.

Please email myself (Pete Munford or any member of the BPC or HH Committee) with your thoughts and feelings.

Some options to consider:

  • Encourage all stakeholders to care for and promote a positive village appearance along the Salisbury Road:
  • Encourage properties along Salisbury Road/side roads to consider planters, baskets and other features such as urban sculpture – Businesses / School / Private Owners / Hulse Hall (The Pine Shop and Bat & Ball already make an excellent effort, as do many villagers)
  • Encourage owners to cut hedges and verges within the 30mph village zone – Breamore Estate / Tenant farmers / HCC Highways & NFDC Maintenance / Businesses / School / Private Owners / Hulse Hall etc.
  • Instigate a ‘Speedwatch Campaign’ in conjunction with Godshill PC (any possibly others) Costs and arrangements to be investigated further. Much work has already been completed and funding is looking positive but needs further confirmation. Many thanks to all those who have indicated they would be willing to volunteer to man the Speedwatch campaign. The more we have the less each of us has to do…
  • Village Gateway features – I’m sure many of you will have seen the Charlton All Saints gates, which appear to help reduce traffic speeding despite no speed limit through the village. The Gateway together with appropriate signage (welcome to our village / watch your speed etc.) can be very effective.A Village identity (logo / planter / sculpture – subject to HCC agreement) can also help to ensure passing motorists notice our beautiful village. We could also consider a village sign somewhere within the village (a bit like the pub sign).
  • We would also very much like to seek some local business sponsorship of any / all of these proposed projects.
  • ’20 is plenty’ signage – This was a very popular scheme some time ago (I’m sure many will have seen the signs) and if the village think appropriate, could be an excellent way of reminding drivers that Breamore has a School!
  • Police vehicles parking at Hulse Hall – Corinne our local Police Officer and her colleagues do from time to time park at the Hall to monitor traffic though the village, this could be encouraged and possibly increased (where time allows)
  • Encourage us all to take pride in our village – By picking up litter, encouraging dog walkers to tidy up, keep the bus stops and shelter tidy, to report highway issues, and to suggest other positive measures, to further the greater aim of improving the local environment along the Salisbury Road.

Many thanks Pete Munford