June 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

Breamore village hall – Hulse Hall Committee Update

Following comments ( I’m in total agreement with ) raised at Parish Council’s AGM there appeared to be a ‘misalignment’ between article presented by myself and that submitted by Sarah Anderson ( Montessori School Teacher ) in last month’s magazine.  I apologise unreservedly for not informing all residents of Breamore of just how quickly we are attempting to confirm and consolidate this project and should, on reflection, have included my article in earlier magazine.  Please accept this apology very much in the spirit that it was my personal disorganization and not for any other reason the articles just didn’t appear to ‘sit right ‘.

Current on-going work to prepare the hall for or any kind of regular daytime usage includes improving and providing safe/secure storage facility, improving/enhancing car parking and surrounding/adjoining gravelled and grassed areas, some kind of wooden fencing to run alongside right elevation of building ( approximately 1.5 metres from wall ), repair and treatment of wooden floor, some essential decorating to failing paintwork and the small matter of sorting out a mutually agreeable renegotiable contract.  Sarah intends to come along to the Brunch in June ( Saturday 15th ) and will be very happy to address any questions/concerns. Please contact me if you wish to raise any issues that you’d like taken to our next Hulse Hall Committee Meeting planned for Thursday 30th May at 19.30hrs.

Forgive me for stating the obvious but both the short and long term financial viability of the hall desperately requires some kind of regular day and evening occupation. The evenings are doing fine although weekend night bookings are fairly sparse. Without securing day time regular use and the funds that would result, a massive on-going fundraising strategy would be necessary, without any guarantee of success – I for one just wouldn’t have the time, energy and contacts to undertake this.

Future events planned during next few months include the usual Brunch in June on the 15th and village Barbecue on Saturday 13th July. Please note there now won’t be a Brunch, as a result, on the following Saturday 20th. No Brunch in August as The Breamore Flower Show, celebrating its Centenary on 17th August, will no doubt bring the village together like nothing else can.

Thank you for your continuing support. Dennis White Chairman