May 2013 – Breamore Brunch Bazaar

Another three months down the ‘road’ and here we are with April’s brunch done and devoured ……

Very many thanks to all who help and attend even when the sun is shining and there always seems ‘ so many things to do ‘. If we ever experience summer again like ” the good old days” then we may well include more ‘cakie’ and pastry options with the intention of seriously denting and challenging the appeal of Breamore and neighbouring inhabitants making mass migration to the nearest Starbucks and Costas for their coffee and muffin ……..

Takings for the last 3 months as follows with costs/outgoings remaining around £100 for each brunch held.

Saturday February 16th. £221.75

Saturday March 16th. £262.50

Saturday April 20th. £203.75

Thanks again to all involved in whatever capacity ……..

Dennis White