December 2012 – Breamore Brunch Update

November’s Brunch was a it celebration of two birthdays – The 5th year of operation and a certain Mr Bert Young’s ‘high-number’ birthday.

It made the event very special and a huge debt of appreciation must be expressed to Bert himself for choosing the brunch in Breamore as being where he wished to spend much of his birthday (and of course all of his accompanying family members), Vanessa Gilbert for creating both a superlative birthday cake for Birthday-boy Bert and the most exquisitely decorated and presented individual cup cakes. And just in case someone ‘ate all those cakes’ we were fortunate enough to have some of the best home-made mince pies known ( and eaten) by man made by Gloria Compton – Can’t recall bacon and sausages ever being so overshadowed and made to look distinctly lack-lustre and un-fanciable:
Thankfully not reflected in the orders and we still sold a few…

Huge thanks to all of you.

Sales for last 3 months as follows plus listing of items recently purchased for hall users.
September £206.32 October £204.87 November £242.15
Additional Philips Hostess Heated Foodserver Trolley
Full-size Table Football ( something else to do ……)
Some ‘bits & bobs’ for the kitchen.
Balance of profits and hire of hall to be paid to Andy Finch ( Hall Committee Treasurer) at the end of this month as in New Year some changes are being made to how the catering and payment arrangements (to the Hulse Hall Committee) are made.

Hopefully these changes will be both an improvement to how effectively the food orders are processed and an increase in profit for contribution to the hall finances ……..

Finally, many thanks to the great team of regular and dedicated helpers who have contributed so much over the years to make the brunch what it is ……. and of course to all of you who come along and support it- hope to see you in 2013.
Dennis White