August 2013 Hulse Hall Committee

Quick update of where we’re at reference Montessori School and recent social hall activities. Sarah Anderson and her husband Paul have been working alongside residents of Breamore in preparing hall for the school’s opening in September. Many thanks to all who have been involved in this work particularly those who gave up much of their weekend at the end of June when much was achieved. Being a relatively low numbered committee it was much appreciated that additional village members came along and supported this endeavour.

As for the contractual arrangements regarding the use of the hall on a regular term-time basis much credit is due to Andy Finch and Sarah in working out a mutually beneficial solution where the hall will be made available to any Breamore resident (term-time or otherwise) if the need arises. Sarah will either find alternative venue or arrange an outing.
Considerable goodwill has been involved by both parties which has allowed much to be arranged at minimal cost.

The wooden fence ( partially removable ) has been joint funded and has been the largest financial outlay to date. This cost was significantly reduced thanks to a community project grant received from the Cooperative at an earlier date and the current committee is obviously very grateful for the previous work in applying for, and securing, this funding.

As for social activities – thanks to everyone who came along to the hallbased village BBQ held on Saturday 13th July. Special thanks to Keith Brown and Steve Ellicott who stood by the heat blasting furnaces as the daytime temperature cranked up to around 30C and not a cooling breeze anywhere in the vicinity ……
Jane Hose and Gloria Compton did everything possible to keep cool salads and more being superbly prepared and presented and then being transported (assisted by Fi Frampton) to scene of operations. Colin Hose and Trudi manned the bar with aplomb (along with copious amounts of ice and Trudi’s enthusiastically consumed alcohol free counterfeit Pimm’s …… )

Richard Beale brewed some great beer at his local Hopback Brewery which was superb – thanks. Hope we can do it again next Summer ………

Just one note of appreciation left to make – to the man responsible for constructing and installing the wooden flower boxes now adorning and enhancing the hall’s front and side porch walls/columns- David Compton. A massive thank you for doing such a superb job – extended also to Vanessa Gilbert and Elizabeth Madams for such a subtly sympathetic and ‘beautifully crafted ‘planting out.

Dennis White ( Chairman )