• February 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

    Please forgive brevity of this article – very little, apart from commenting on and thanking Sharon and Ilona for giving and sharing so much pleasure ( and talent !) during the Hall Carol Singing Evening held on the 18th. December, seems to have happened since update in December’s magazine. The combination of both; the very […]

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  • January 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

    Before launching into dates of future events etc. We would very much like to express our appreciation to John Forshaw in acknowledgement for the superb evening titled – ‘ A Hundred Years of Breamore ‘. The goodhumoured and highly informative presentation went up like an overinflated helium balloon and raised £424-00 which John would like […]

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  • December 2012 – Breamore Brunch Update

    November’s Brunch was a it celebration of two birthdays – The 5th year of operation and a certain Mr Bert Young’s ‘high-number’ birthday. It made the event very special and a huge debt of appreciation must be expressed to Bert himself for choosing the brunch in Breamore as being where he wished to spend much […]

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