Breamore Brunch Bazaar

  • August 2013 Breamore Brunch Bazaar

    Many thanks to everyone who supported the brunch over the last few months which resulted in profits being handed over to committee treasurer Andy Finch the sum of £272.65. It goes without saying that masses of hard work is undertaken by the team of regular volunteers vwho have without doubt made the whole thing possible […]

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  • May 2013 – Breamore Brunch Bazaar

    Another three months down the ‘road’ and here we are with April’s brunch done and devoured …… Very many thanks to all who help and attend even when the sun is shining and there always seems ‘ so many things to do ‘. If we ever experience summer again like ” the good old days” […]

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  • December 2012 – Breamore Brunch Update

    November’s Brunch was a it celebration of two birthdays – The 5th year of operation and a certain Mr Bert Young’s ‘high-number’ birthday. It made the event very special and a huge debt of appreciation must be expressed to Bert himself for choosing the brunch in Breamore as being where he wished to spend much […]

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