August 2013 Breamore Brunch Bazaar

Many thanks to everyone who supported the brunch over the last few months which resulted in profits being handed over to committee treasurer Andy Finch the sum of £272.65. It goes without saying that masses of hard work is undertaken by the team of regular volunteers vwho have without doubt made the whole thing possible and, as we approach the 6th year of operation ( next brunch Saturday September 21st. ). I feel quite strongly that it might be a good opportunity to make a few changes which, won’t affect the reason and purpose of the brunch, but will make life easier for all of us involved in putting it on ; the amount of preparation, cooking, clearing and washing-up really is quite staggering for such a short 2.5 hour event. What has also influenced my thinking is the fact that the month I was unable to be involved (due to -illness ) although we simplified the menu to mainly bacon rolls and the usual croissants etc. the amount of money raised profit wise was almost identical as when so much more time, effort and expense was expended.

After discussing with all of the regular voluntary helpers what has been mutually decided is that we’ll have a trial period of increasing the range of cakes, pastries, muffins etc. at the same time reduce cooked items that result in such massive cleaning operations. We can still do bacon rolls but leave much else that results in the brunch being so labour intensive for want of a better expression ‘off the menu’.

Genuinely very sorry that this may well be a serious disappointment to regular supporters of the brunch but, after 6 years of hardly any changes, sometimes the need just arises , thus ensuring its sustainability ( and maintaining its financial feasibility ).

We can easily provide special dietary bread rolls, cakes etc. and vegetarian equivalents thus remaining as inclusive as possible ; toast , crumpets and scones could all be provided on a self-serve basis. Please continue to come along and support the brunch as it really was, at its conception, intended to be a’ neutral ‘place where residents of Breamore and close proximity could meet up and enjoy each others’ company.

That shouldn’t change even if the menu does ………Dennis White

May 2013 – Breamore Brunch Bazaar

Another three months down the ‘road’ and here we are with April’s brunch done and devoured ……

Very many thanks to all who help and attend even when the sun is shining and there always seems ‘ so many things to do ‘. If we ever experience summer again like ” the good old days” then we may well include more ‘cakie’ and pastry options with the intention of seriously denting and challenging the appeal of Breamore and neighbouring inhabitants making mass migration to the nearest Starbucks and Costas for their coffee and muffin ……..

Takings for the last 3 months as follows with costs/outgoings remaining around £100 for each brunch held.

Saturday February 16th. £221.75

Saturday March 16th. £262.50

Saturday April 20th. £203.75

Thanks again to all involved in whatever capacity ……..

Dennis White

December 2012 – Breamore Brunch Update

November’s Brunch was a it celebration of two birthdays – The 5th year of operation and a certain Mr Bert Young’s ‘high-number’ birthday.

It made the event very special and a huge debt of appreciation must be expressed to Bert himself for choosing the brunch in Breamore as being where he wished to spend much of his birthday (and of course all of his accompanying family members), Vanessa Gilbert for creating both a superlative birthday cake for Birthday-boy Bert and the most exquisitely decorated and presented individual cup cakes. And just in case someone ‘ate all those cakes’ we were fortunate enough to have some of the best home-made mince pies known ( and eaten) by man made by Gloria Compton – Can’t recall bacon and sausages ever being so overshadowed and made to look distinctly lack-lustre and un-fanciable:
Thankfully not reflected in the orders and we still sold a few…

Huge thanks to all of you.

Sales for last 3 months as follows plus listing of items recently purchased for hall users.
September £206.32 October £204.87 November £242.15
Additional Philips Hostess Heated Foodserver Trolley
Full-size Table Football ( something else to do ……)
Some ‘bits & bobs’ for the kitchen.
Balance of profits and hire of hall to be paid to Andy Finch ( Hall Committee Treasurer) at the end of this month as in New Year some changes are being made to how the catering and payment arrangements (to the Hulse Hall Committee) are made.

Hopefully these changes will be both an improvement to how effectively the food orders are processed and an increase in profit for contribution to the hall finances ……..

Finally, many thanks to the great team of regular and dedicated helpers who have contributed so much over the years to make the brunch what it is ……. and of course to all of you who come along and support it- hope to see you in 2013.
Dennis White