August 2013 Breamore Brunch Bazaar

Many thanks to everyone who supported the brunch over the last few months which resulted in profits being handed over to committee treasurer Andy Finch the sum of £272.65. It goes without saying that masses of hard work is undertaken by the team of regular volunteers vwho have without doubt made the whole thing possible and, as we approach the 6th year of operation ( next brunch Saturday September 21st. ). I feel quite strongly that it might be a good opportunity to make a few changes which, won’t affect the reason and purpose of the brunch, but will make life easier for all of us involved in putting it on ; the amount of preparation, cooking, clearing and washing-up really is quite staggering for such a short 2.5 hour event. What has also influenced my thinking is the fact that the month I was unable to be involved (due to -illness ) although we simplified the menu to mainly bacon rolls and the usual croissants etc. the amount of money raised profit wise was almost identical as when so much more time, effort and expense was expended.

After discussing with all of the regular voluntary helpers what has been mutually decided is that we’ll have a trial period of increasing the range of cakes, pastries, muffins etc. at the same time reduce cooked items that result in such massive cleaning operations. We can still do bacon rolls but leave much else that results in the brunch being so labour intensive for want of a better expression ‘off the menu’.

Genuinely very sorry that this may well be a serious disappointment to regular supporters of the brunch but, after 6 years of hardly any changes, sometimes the need just arises , thus ensuring its sustainability ( and maintaining its financial feasibility ).

We can easily provide special dietary bread rolls, cakes etc. and vegetarian equivalents thus remaining as inclusive as possible ; toast , crumpets and scones could all be provided on a self-serve basis. Please continue to come along and support the brunch as it really was, at its conception, intended to be a’ neutral ‘place where residents of Breamore and close proximity could meet up and enjoy each others’ company.

That shouldn’t change even if the menu does ………Dennis White

August 2013 Lottery

Unfortunately, due to lack of support this year, the Hulse hall Committee have had to make the decision to reduce the prize money each month to 2 prizes, £40 and £20. This is having to be done to prevent the lottery running at a loss, which we are not allowed to do under the Rules of the Gambling Act 2005 which regulates society lotteries.

“The purpose of permitted lotteries as set out in the Act is so that societies can raise money for causes that are non-commercial and therefore the Act requires that a minimum of the money raised by the lottery is channelled to the goals of the Society that promoted the lottery. If a small society lottery breaches these limits, it will be in breach of the Act and will be liable to prosecution”.

We apologise to everyone who has signed up for the lottery this year and thank them for their support.

Trudi Broughton, Secretary of Hulse Hall Committee

August 2013 Hulse Hall Committee

Quick update of where we’re at reference Montessori School and recent social hall activities. Sarah Anderson and her husband Paul have been working alongside residents of Breamore in preparing hall for the school’s opening in September. Many thanks to all who have been involved in this work particularly those who gave up much of their weekend at the end of June when much was achieved. Being a relatively low numbered committee it was much appreciated that additional village members came along and supported this endeavour.

As for the contractual arrangements regarding the use of the hall on a regular term-time basis much credit is due to Andy Finch and Sarah in working out a mutually beneficial solution where the hall will be made available to any Breamore resident (term-time or otherwise) if the need arises. Sarah will either find alternative venue or arrange an outing.
Considerable goodwill has been involved by both parties which has allowed much to be arranged at minimal cost.

The wooden fence ( partially removable ) has been joint funded and has been the largest financial outlay to date. This cost was significantly reduced thanks to a community project grant received from the Cooperative at an earlier date and the current committee is obviously very grateful for the previous work in applying for, and securing, this funding.

As for social activities – thanks to everyone who came along to the hallbased village BBQ held on Saturday 13th July. Special thanks to Keith Brown and Steve Ellicott who stood by the heat blasting furnaces as the daytime temperature cranked up to around 30C and not a cooling breeze anywhere in the vicinity ……
Jane Hose and Gloria Compton did everything possible to keep cool salads and more being superbly prepared and presented and then being transported (assisted by Fi Frampton) to scene of operations. Colin Hose and Trudi manned the bar with aplomb (along with copious amounts of ice and Trudi’s enthusiastically consumed alcohol free counterfeit Pimm’s …… )

Richard Beale brewed some great beer at his local Hopback Brewery which was superb – thanks. Hope we can do it again next Summer ………

Just one note of appreciation left to make – to the man responsible for constructing and installing the wooden flower boxes now adorning and enhancing the hall’s front and side porch walls/columns- David Compton. A massive thank you for doing such a superb job – extended also to Vanessa Gilbert and Elizabeth Madams for such a subtly sympathetic and ‘beautifully crafted ‘planting out.

Dennis White ( Chairman )

June 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

Breamore village hall – Hulse Hall Committee Update

Following comments ( I’m in total agreement with ) raised at Parish Council’s AGM there appeared to be a ‘misalignment’ between article presented by myself and that submitted by Sarah Anderson ( Montessori School Teacher ) in last month’s magazine.  I apologise unreservedly for not informing all residents of Breamore of just how quickly we are attempting to confirm and consolidate this project and should, on reflection, have included my article in earlier magazine.  Please accept this apology very much in the spirit that it was my personal disorganization and not for any other reason the articles just didn’t appear to ‘sit right ‘.

Current on-going work to prepare the hall for or any kind of regular daytime usage includes improving and providing safe/secure storage facility, improving/enhancing car parking and surrounding/adjoining gravelled and grassed areas, some kind of wooden fencing to run alongside right elevation of building ( approximately 1.5 metres from wall ), repair and treatment of wooden floor, some essential decorating to failing paintwork and the small matter of sorting out a mutually agreeable renegotiable contract.  Sarah intends to come along to the Brunch in June ( Saturday 15th ) and will be very happy to address any questions/concerns. Please contact me if you wish to raise any issues that you’d like taken to our next Hulse Hall Committee Meeting planned for Thursday 30th May at 19.30hrs.

Forgive me for stating the obvious but both the short and long term financial viability of the hall desperately requires some kind of regular day and evening occupation. The evenings are doing fine although weekend night bookings are fairly sparse. Without securing day time regular use and the funds that would result, a massive on-going fundraising strategy would be necessary, without any guarantee of success – I for one just wouldn’t have the time, energy and contacts to undertake this.

Future events planned during next few months include the usual Brunch in June on the 15th and village Barbecue on Saturday 13th July. Please note there now won’t be a Brunch, as a result, on the following Saturday 20th. No Brunch in August as The Breamore Flower Show, celebrating its Centenary on 17th August, will no doubt bring the village together like nothing else can.

Thank you for your continuing support. Dennis White Chairman

Pride in Breamore

As reported at the Annual Parish Assembly, BPC and The Hulse Hall Committee have been discussing a possible campaign to promote pride in our village. This is with the aim of improving driving styles, and to encourage respect of the speed limit, through a series of active and passive measures to moderate behaviour, to the greater benefit of safety and the environment of the Salisbury Road through Breamore (by seeking to reduce the physical and audible intrusion that the A338 makes into our daily lives).

Below are a number of possibilities that could be pursued in the village, the BPC & The Hulse Hall committee would very much like the villagers of Breamore to provide feedback on these proposals and perhaps suggest other options.

Please email myself (Pete Munford or any member of the BPC or HH Committee) with your thoughts and feelings.

Some options to consider:

  • Encourage all stakeholders to care for and promote a positive village appearance along the Salisbury Road:
  • Encourage properties along Salisbury Road/side roads to consider planters, baskets and other features such as urban sculpture – Businesses / School / Private Owners / Hulse Hall (The Pine Shop and Bat & Ball already make an excellent effort, as do many villagers)
  • Encourage owners to cut hedges and verges within the 30mph village zone – Breamore Estate / Tenant farmers / HCC Highways & NFDC Maintenance / Businesses / School / Private Owners / Hulse Hall etc.
  • Instigate a ‘Speedwatch Campaign’ in conjunction with Godshill PC (any possibly others) Costs and arrangements to be investigated further. Much work has already been completed and funding is looking positive but needs further confirmation. Many thanks to all those who have indicated they would be willing to volunteer to man the Speedwatch campaign. The more we have the less each of us has to do…
  • Village Gateway features – I’m sure many of you will have seen the Charlton All Saints gates, which appear to help reduce traffic speeding despite no speed limit through the village. The Gateway together with appropriate signage (welcome to our village / watch your speed etc.) can be very effective.A Village identity (logo / planter / sculpture – subject to HCC agreement) can also help to ensure passing motorists notice our beautiful village. We could also consider a village sign somewhere within the village (a bit like the pub sign).
  • We would also very much like to seek some local business sponsorship of any / all of these proposed projects.
  • ’20 is plenty’ signage – This was a very popular scheme some time ago (I’m sure many will have seen the signs) and if the village think appropriate, could be an excellent way of reminding drivers that Breamore has a School!
  • Police vehicles parking at Hulse Hall – Corinne our local Police Officer and her colleagues do from time to time park at the Hall to monitor traffic though the village, this could be encouraged and possibly increased (where time allows)
  • Encourage us all to take pride in our village – By picking up litter, encouraging dog walkers to tidy up, keep the bus stops and shelter tidy, to report highway issues, and to suggest other positive measures, to further the greater aim of improving the local environment along the Salisbury Road.

Many thanks Pete Munford

May 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

Two extremely good news items to report: one past, one future. Firstly, Andy and Viv Finch’s Fund-raising Quiz night held on Saturday evening 6th April was both highly enjoyed and appreciated by the many people (80 plus) who attended and raised nearly £700.00 for The Hulse Hall- a superb achievement with an equally superb 3 course ploughman’s supper included in ticket price. The committee would very much like to convey their thanks to Andy and Viv, Keith Brown and Pete Turner for the running of a very lucrative and successful bar, and all others involved in the preparation and clearing-up after such a fantastic evening- committee members or otherwise. On a personal note I am deeply appreciative of what commitment and hard work is being undertaken and demonstrated by all involved and how this is translating into all recent, highly successful activities; and this obviously includes all community members who come along and support such activities enormous thank you. If anyone has an idea for a social event and requires help/support to put it on please contact any of the committee.

The future ‘good news’ relates to plans for regular weekday morning use of the hall (term-time only) by Sarah Anderson, an experienced Montessori trained teacher. She has been liaising with the hall committee, Breamore Parish Council and Breamore Primary School. The next stage is for you, the residents of Breamore, to have your say. Sarah has included an article in this magazine and welcomes your response. The present committee fully supports this project believing it to be in accordance with Lady M. Hulse’s wishes as stipulated in 1921 when the hall was donated to the ‘village’ in respect and memory of her son Captain Sir Edward Hulse killed in the battle of Neuve Chapelle 1915 – ‘ He loved his home and the village of Breamore and I know that in giving this hall to the people of this village they will for all time maintain and use it for the promotion of Health, Happiness and Knowledge and will keep in their minds the spirit of self-sacrifice of him in whose memory it is built’.

Please reply to Sarah’s invitation to ask questions directly to her or feel free to raise any concerns with committee members. All being well an information point will be set up at the Brunch on Saturday 15th June when further details can be discussed in person.

Events for future diary include village Barbecue provisionally planned for Saturday July 13th which will take place at Hulse Hall kicking-off around midday. This is intended to be very much a family affair and ideas for games/entertainment would be most welcome. Rain or shine – hopefully the latter …………

Dennis White (Chairman)

June 2013 – Breamore Table Tennis Club

Who would have dared to think it remotely possible ……… 2013 – the year when the unspeakable, unbelievable, unthinkable occurred ; Breamore’s formidable and unassailable Cricket Team have a genuine contender, a real rival for space in the silverware cabinet complacently residing in The Bat & Ball public house.Breamore ‘A’ comprising of Terry Young (captain), Gill Thompson and Bob Erskine came runners up in The Salisbury & District Table Tennis League Division 2 and will, as a result, receive personal medals and hopefully a team trophy along with promotion to Division 1.

Breamore ‘B’ comprising of Paul Toynton (captain), Graham Timms and Nick Dibben completed a highly successful season in Division 2 climaxing to an extraordinary 2nd win in a row of the much coveted all divisions included Salibury & District Handicap Cup.

And finally, if that wasn’t enough silverware winging its way southwards towards this ping-pong epicentre, our other Breamore ‘A’ Team playing in the highly competitive Boumemouth & District League ( consisting of 6 Divisions fielding both national and international players ) were outright Division 4 Title Champions and now find themselves promoted to Division 3 next season. This was a particularly impressive achievement as they reached the top of the league position very early on in the season and very quickly became the team all of the Bournemouth teams wished very much to displace. Captained by Pete Turner : Nick Dibben, Ken Scott and Roger Fairhead all had a magnificent season made even more notable by Roger’s 100 % unbeaten record for three successive years.

Don’t worry Percy no intentions of approaching Jason with proposal of a change in hanging pub sign – substituting that long, club-like willowy implement with bone shattering cannonball for something altogether far more curvaceous and benign …….yet!

Everyone welcome ( beginners especially- free coaching available ) on Monday evenings at Hulse Hall commencing at 7.00pm. Low cost sport with fun along the way. Please call me on 01725 513454 for further information. Dennis White

May 2013 – Breamore Brunch Bazaar

Another three months down the ‘road’ and here we are with April’s brunch done and devoured ……

Very many thanks to all who help and attend even when the sun is shining and there always seems ‘ so many things to do ‘. If we ever experience summer again like ” the good old days” then we may well include more ‘cakie’ and pastry options with the intention of seriously denting and challenging the appeal of Breamore and neighbouring inhabitants making mass migration to the nearest Starbucks and Costas for their coffee and muffin ……..

Takings for the last 3 months as follows with costs/outgoings remaining around £100 for each brunch held.

Saturday February 16th. £221.75

Saturday March 16th. £262.50

Saturday April 20th. £203.75

Thanks again to all involved in whatever capacity ……..

Dennis White

April 2013 – Hulse Hall Update

Doesn’t feel much like Spring has sprung and, as a result, due to the fact that the Hall always seems much warmer than the Reading Room never enjoyed and appreciated committee meetings so much; What a great idea those big metal boxed fans were ….

Saturday 23rd February saw a repeat performance ( due to very popular demand ) of John Forshaw’s award-winning Breamore – 100 Years of Village Life. Even with a 4 hour power cut nothing could stop this resolutely determined man from solitarily standing in front of an eagerly awaiting audience consisting of over 55 esteemed local persons gazing expectantly – at a blank screen ! Following a quick ‘serumdown’ a generator was produced and away it went. Over £260.00 was raised which John wishes to be donated equally between St. Mary’s Church and The Hulse Hall. The debut performance held in November ’12 raised £424-00, again split equally between church and hall. A massive ‘ Thank-you ‘ John from committee for putting on such much enjoyed, informative and financially successful, enthralling entertainment. Is there a Part 3 in the offing ….. rumoured there is and John Elliott’s magnificent photographic archive will be the main attraction can’t wait …….

On Saturday evening 6th. April, Andy and Viv Finch are hosting a fun quiz night at the hall as a perfect opportunity to get together for a great night out with lovely food and good company. When held in the past these quizzes have been a great success and have raised much needed funds for the hall. Genuinely hope you can make it.During last committee meeting it was proposed that we would like to plan and arrange ( with all offers off assistance / ideas most welcome ) a village BBQ sometime during our swelteringly hot and blistering summer …… Date to be confirmed in next month’s magazine following our meeting in May.

If anyone out there wishes to organise an activity/ event for village members to attend, held in or around the Hulse Hall, contact any committee member as we’d be very enthusiastic to hear about it and help in whatever way we can. Members of current committee as follows : Andy Finch, Val Mouland, Pete Munford, Trudi

Parish Magazine Subs

Several villagers have asked that we repeat the details for paying subs for the magazine.

If you haven’t paid your subs yet and would like to pay the huge sum of £5 per year (excellent value I hope you’ll agree)

Please make Cheques payable to:
P S Harding

Send cheques to Mr P S Harding, Charford Manor, North Charford, Breamore, Fordingbridge, SP6 2DS

Many Thanks Pete Munford